Saturday, 18 April 2015

Rodson Uy At Sofitel part 2

Rodson Uy
Hat: H&M
Shorts: Tank
Belt: Penshoppe
Swag Cap: Penshoppe
Shirt: Culture

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Rodson Uy At Sofitel Manila part 1

Sofitel Buddies



           This is your key to your luxury experience At Sofitel Manila, Philippines. Visit this Luxury hotel that will give you experience that you'll never forget. On a hot summer like this you should be checking in at this hotel, they also have a big pool which is connected to kids area and the deepest is 6ft. Gives you cozy feeling and by the night you can actually sleep in just a second and wake up like your a feather that is so lite.

Rodson Uy
Top: H&M Light Blue long sleeve polka dot polo
Bottom: Tank Dark Red Cropped Shorts
Shoes: Robinson's Shoes, Dark Blue 

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